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Experiencing a house fire can be one of the most devastating things you will ever have to go through. Chances are since you are reading this you have been affected in some way. You may be asking yourself the tough questions such as; Why me? What now? Who are these contractors harassing me?

We understand it is a tough situation. But our fire restoration team is filled with professionals who knows what it takes to ease the situation and put your mind at peace.

We start step by step:

First: Upon your initial call, we will respond at a minimum of 20 minutes and be on scene within 3 hours at most. MJS guarantees our service 24/7 so don’t hesitate to call 321-231-1113 at a moments notice.

Second: Once we arrive to the scene of the fire we will immediately assess the damage caused. Depending on the severity we will start our board up process to protect any belongings in your home.

Third: We get in contact with your insurance adjuster to estimate the fire loss. (We highly suggest an public adjuster to get the most out of your claim).

Fourth: Clean out process & extraction of harmful toxins caused by fire residue.

Fifth: Rebuild Process

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Why MJS Construction?

MJS is not just a fire restoration company, we are builders. Most other companies focus on just the restoration process and then out sources the construction phase. Choosing our services you get our step by step approach. Unlike others we show our compassion for your situation, we know its not easy. But with our experience it will end with a smile. We promise.

You will not be disappointed. We know you have been through enough. Let us help make the process easier.

fire restoration contractor orlando fl

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